Don't Buy Our Bottles for Cleaning, Refill the Empty Bottles You Already Have

Everybody has a bunch of them under their sink. Expired products. Empty or unused spray bottles.

Consider the savings and benefits of refilling the spray bottles you already own. Plastic waste is an ever-increasing problem in our world, and single use plastics are one of the worst offenders. Many of us, though, don’t realize just how much we can reduce our plastic waste by simply reusing what we have instead of buying new products. Let’s talk about why it’s important to reuse the bottles you already have and how you can do that with our cleaning refill pods.

It sounds crazy but we are asking you not to buy our bottles. Eco-friendly cleaning and eliminating single use plastics is our mission. This starts with reusing bottles whenever possible. Of course if you don't already have empty bottles you will love our refillable cleaning spray bottles and cleaning starter kits.

It’s a change that will save you money now and will help save our environment in the long run.

The Problem with Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution has become a major environmental issue, and unfortunately, it’s only getting worse as more and more plastic is produced every day. Even when plastics are recycled, they don’t always get reused or recycled correctly. When you think about the impact of not refilling your bottles it can seem like an overwhelming problem. So what can we do?

Reuse Bottles You Already Own

One way to reduce your environmental impact is to reuse the cleaning bottles you already have under your sink instead of buying new ones. This may seem like a small change but it makes a massive difference. Not only does this keep those plastic bottles out of landfills but it also reduces the demand for new products that require energy-intensive manufacturing processes. It's a win-win!

Cleaning Refill Pods

Our company has developed something that makes reusing your existing cleaning bottles even easier — easy-to-use refill pods! Podsy Cleaning Refill Pods are small and easy to store, eliminating the need to measure out liquids or powders yourself. Instead of buying multiple cleaners in separate containers each time you run out, now all you have to do is buy our ultra-concentrated refill pods. Just drop in a pod, add water, and refill your spray bottles again and again! It's a great way to save money while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Reusing what we already have is one of the most important things we can do for the environment today — especially when it comes to cleaning bottles. Not only does reusing your existing containers help keep them out of landfills but it also reduces demand for new products that require intensive manufacturing processes. Our company's cleaning refill pods make reusing your existing containers easier than ever before — so why not give refillable cleaning a try today? You'll be doing wonders for the environment while simultaneously saving money on your household budget!