One Little Pod (Hint: The pod in this story is you — and you matter)

Our message has always been simple. It's about how one small thing can lead to enormous and world-changing transformation. Sounds pretty heavy, right? Stick with me here and you will see that making one small change can have an amplified effect for you, your community, and world (Warning: expect heavy use of metaphor and unnecessarily expressive adjectives).

Jump in the Pool

You've dipped your toes in on the concept of refillable cleaning. But it's a new pool. What chemicals do they use in the pool? Why should I try this new pool? My parents always took me to that other massive shiny pool. It had a snack bar and a ping pong table. It was fun.

Get it? You are a cleaning pod. The massive shiny pool represents cleaners with single use plastic bottles. It would be like throwing away the entire pool every time you go swimming. The new pool we hope you jump into represents a refillable cleaning bottle. Crazy metaphor, right? But I'm going with it. Let's continue.

You are standing at the edge of the new awesomely refillable pool. Unsure. Do you dive in? You have never dissolved before and are skeptical if it will be a good experience. Trust me when I say that dissolving a pod for the first time can be a metaphysical experience. Don't believe me, then check out our social content @podsyclean on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Now You Dissolved, So Invite a Friend

It was the same when we were baby or teenager pods. You had a great experience swimming, then you wanted to share it with friends. Our friend group comes with 4 pods per tube, but you can invite as many as you like. The best part about your new refillable pool is that you don't have to get a new one each time you use it, and you know it works, again, and again.

Piles and Piles of Pools (bottles)

You had your refillable fun and are ready to relax. But remembering your old pool, you wonder was switching to your new refillable pool the best decision? You take a peek over the fence at your old pool and sure enough it's been replaced by a shiny new one. Just beyond, you see piles and piles of discarded pools tall enough to block the sun. You know that 80-90% of the discarded plastic pools will not be recycled properly.

It's pretty sad, but you smile knowing that for every time you refill it's less waste that will end up in our landfills, oceans, and waterways.

High Dive

Back to our generously exuberant metaphors. You are still a pod at your refillable pool. Your hands unsteadily hold the rails of the high dive ladder (yes, in this metaphor the pod has hands). Eventually you work up the nerve to climb up to the high dive. It's your moment. Everyone is watching. Will you do a cannonball? A flip? Maybe some dazzling new dive you get to name after yourself. You step up, bounce once, twice, then launch yourself skyward with friends phones capturing your moment of immortality!

You nailed it. Perfect 10 point entry. You shared it with all your friends. They like or loved it too. On your next visit to your cherished refillable pool you bring a few more friends, then they bring some, and so the story goes on.

It's a small thing with a huge impact, but sharing your awesome experience at your small refillable pool will eventually help change the world. You notice over time less and less single use pools piling up over the fence. A huge smile spreads across your pod face. It's amazing what one little pod can accomplish.

Keep swimming you beautiful little pod!