How to Maximize the Shelf-Life of Your Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are a must-have for any household, but did you know that the shelf-life of these products can be much shorter after they’ve been diluted? This means that it’s important to be mindful about how long your cleaning products can last before they lose their effectiveness and expire. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to keep your cleaning supplies fresh.

Don't Over-Buy Ready-To-Use Products
We all love a great deal. This leads to purchasing large amounts of ready to-use or concentrated cleaning products. The ready-to-use (products already mixed with water) may already be nearer to losing effectiveness before you purchase them. Once mixed with water, many cleaners start breaking down, becoming less effective. Large containers of concentrated cleaners are simply too big, hard to carry, and often too much to use before they expire.

Podsy Cleaning Products are designed to be just the right amount to use in 6-12 months for an average home, which means they should be well within the expiration window before use. Additionally, because you dilute one pod at a time our product stays fresher and more effective.

Storage Tips
The first step in maximizing the shelf-life of your diluted cleaning products is to store them properly. Make sure that all of your cleaning supplies are kept in airtight containers away from heat and direct sunlight. Additionally, avoid storing them in hot or extreme cold temperatures as this can cause them to break down faster. Keeping an eye on expiration dates is also important when it comes to storing diluted cleaning products.

Many cleaning products find their way into garages as storage throughout the home is at a premium. This is the last place you should store them as garages often have the most extreme temperatures.

Mix with Care
When mixing a concentrated cleaner with water, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. If you mix in too much water, the product will become ineffective more quickly and will not work as well as intended. So, make sure you measure out each ingredient correctly and always double check that you haven’t accidentally added too much water.

Alternatively, you could use a simpler solution like Podsy Cleaning Refill Pods and simply drop in a pod and fill the bottle with water.

Use Within a Reasonable Time Frame
In addition to being careful when mixing diluted cleaners with water, it’s also important not to wait too long before using the product. Some diluted cleaners last a short time before they become ineffective so be sure to use them up within a reasonable time frame if possible. Additionally, try not to dilute more than you need—only make enough for one job at a time if possible!

One of our favorite things about the Podsy bottle is it's smaller 16oz size which allows you to use the cleaning solution while it is most effective and fresh.

Why Pods are a Better Alternative
Podsy pods are a great alternative as our pod tubes help protect the chemicals inside the pods from heat and cold. Refill tubes are small enough to store in a drawer inside your insulated home further shielding them from extreme temperature fluctuations. Since our formula is protected inside pods, there is less exposure to the harmful effects of air and oxidation.  Lastly, our pod tubes block light and the harmful effects of UV exposure.

Though many households rely on pre-mixed (Ready-To-Use) cleaning products for daily use, it's essential that we understand their shelf-life once mixed with water so we don't waste our hard earned money buying something twice because it loses its effectiveness quickly. By following these tips and we can maximize the shelf-life of our cleaning supplies and make them last longer! It's important for families everywhere to understand why proper storage is key for keeping our homes clean without breaking the bank!